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Shoparoo is the most hassle-free school fundraiser around. Forget cutting labels or selling door to door to raise money for schools. Shoparoo is a free app for iOS and Android phones that allows anyone to take pictures of their shopping receipts and earn cash donations for their schools!

Just snap a picture of your grocery receipt on your smartphone, and voila, you’ve made an instant cash donation! You can also take pictures of your non-grocery receipts (from clothing stores, electronics stores, restaurants, home improvement stores, etc.) for entries into Shoparoo’s cash donation sweepstakes that can reward a school up to $15,000!

Receipts from grocery retailers earn Roo Points for your school!

Each Roo Point you earn is added to your school’s overall total. 500 Roo Points = $1 cash donation, so earning more Roo Points by the end of the fundraising year on August 31st will lead to a bigger cash donation.

Each grocery receipt is awarded based on the total transaction amount on the receipt:

Less than $10 = 10 Roo Points
$10 – $50 = 20 Roo Points
$50 – $100 = 30 Roo Points
$100 or more = 40 Roo Points

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